AkzoNobel Art Foundation: Introduction

Art reflects who we are — as a society, as individuals and as companies. It puts us in mind of our shared heritage, or forebodes our future. All this applies to the AkzoNobel Art Foundation, too. This international collection of contemporary art is reflective of the turnings AkzoNobel has taken in the past. Art is a stimulus and an inspiration, and is congruent with the company’s brand promise: “Making people’s lives more liveable and inspiring”.


We would like to show you on this website how dynamic the building-up of our collection has been. We are also proud to show you here how the collection also forms a greater whole. The works of art in this collection make up a web of interrelations, which we explore on this site in the form of a trip through our collection. You are entirely free either to discover for yourself which works you prefer most, or to take a themed virtual walk down the paths we have made. As well as showing you a cross-section of our permanent collection, we also present to you here a regularly-renewed series of online exhibitions.