Frequently asked questions

Question: is it possible to visit the AkzoNobel art collection?

Answer: the AkzoNobel Essential Art Space at the AkzoNobel Center in Amsterdam is open to the public on working days from 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM. The AkzoNobel Art Foundation gives Art Tours through the Art Space on Tuesday and Thursday. If you wish to join an Art Tour, please send an email to

On request, the AkzoNobel Art Foundation also gives Art Tours through the collection at the AkzoNobel Shared Service Center in Arnhem. For more information about Art Tours through the Art Space or the collection in Arnhem, please contact

Question: does de AkzoNobel Art Foundation sponsor cultural events, cultural institutions, artists or exhibitions?

Answer: the AkzoNobel Art Foundation does not have any special budgets for sponsorship at its disposal. For questions concerning sponsorship you can contact the AkzoNobel sponsor department via

Question: does the AkzoNobel Art Foundation grant external art loans?

Answer: the AkzoNobel Art Foundation regularly grants art loans for (inter)national museums, exhibitions and cultural events. To apply for an art loan, please contact